The European Intelligence Academy (EIA) was established in 2013 as a transcontinental network of intelligence scholars, practitioners and students, who are dedicated to international collaboration in intelligence research and scholarship. The EIA views the postwar transatlantic partnership between Europe, the United States and Canada, as a solid foundation on which to build broader collaborative relationships among adherents of liberal democracy in our time. One of the primary aims of the EIA network is to highlight the work of emerging post-graduate and undergraduate scholars in the intelligence studies field, while encouraging cooperation in research and scholarship between students of intelligence across continents.

To read more about the EIA's mission, and to see the names of the people behind this effort, visit our "About Us" page. For news from the activities of EIA members and supporters, see our "News" page. To access the latest publications that reflect the work of the EIA network, see "Publications". You can also read some of our latest editorials on topics that affect the discipline of intelligence studies by visiting our "EIA Blog". Lastly, you may contact us in Europe and the United States, by viewing our "Contact Us" page.



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